IRIS 3000 Slots

IRIS 3000 - it doesn't say much about what might await you in this game, does it? If you want to discover the facts about it, you're going to need a reliable source of information - and fortunately for you, you've just found it. We have played the game and we return here with more details about it. We think it might have a few surprises ready to spring on you, so if that whets your appetite, let's check it out and learn more.

This forms part of an expanding library of slots from…

Realtime Gaming. They're known as Spin Logic Gaming in some parts, but the same creative team is behind both names.

Is it important to test the game first?

Yes, we always believe this to be the case, but it applies even more so with this game. The demo features everything you'll find in the real game, and it comes equipped with enough credits to take it for a test drive. Just don't expect to withdraw anything 'won' while you're playing this version.

What's the theme for the IRIS 3000 slot game?

Well… we might say mechanical, or we could say futuristic. It might even be set in outer space. It's possible that all three elements roll together in this case.

They even throw in a touch of steampunk for the design

It all sounds rather odd so far, we know, but IRIS 3000 slots do look impressive. The mechanical approach is reflected in the design as well, but we think there is something else about the game that will catch your eye even more than that.

Get ready for some unusual elements in the IRIS 3000 slot game

Would you believe us if we told you there were seven reels in action here? Each one has a single icon on it, so the seven line up in a row on the screen.

The game does have a progressive jackpot (that came as another surprise), and you can find a jackpot symbol with a hazard alert on it. This triggers the biggest paytable prize. However, other than that, you won't see any wilds or scatter icons in action in this one.

Each reel is known as a door, and before you play, you need to choose five doors. You'll then spin to see which icons appear on those doors.

Do paylines come into play in IRIS 3000?

There is a single payline here, but it doesn't act in the same manner it would in lots of other games. Read on to learn more.

Betting on each game

The bet here is worth 50 cents, but you do have a chance to play one, two, or three of those coins when you play each game.

You'll recognize the paytable at least

You can see there are several unusual parts to this game already. However, one of the more familiar ones concerns the paytable. Lots of three-reel games have this on the same screen as the reels, and this seven-reel title follows that format.

Bonus features are not presented in IRIS 3000

There is nothing like this in action.

Free spins won't turn up either

With no chance of finding triggering symbols such as wilds or scatters, you might have worked this out already.

RTP details are once again nowhere to be found

Not in the game itself anyway - you may spot them at the casino.

What did we think of IRIS 3000 slots?

We can't think of anything else quite like this one. It would be good to see a lower minimum wager on this one, as it does limit accessibility for many players. It's good for a change, for sure, but we think this one might be best played over short periods. We think this is worth 6.5 points out of 10 for those reasons.

The progressive prize is the best one available

And you can guess how often that drops, as all progressives are tough to trigger.

Demo play is essential if you're thinking of playing this one

There is nothing else out there quite like IRIS 3000 slots, which makes the practice version of this game essential to check out.

Remember the 50-cent minimum if you want to play for real

We think this might price a lot of people out of playing the game, so consider it with care before you do anything else.

Can you play it on mobile devices?

Check the casino you want to visit on Android or iOS and see if you can find this one on the mobile site. It's a lot older than plenty of other games.