Dr WinMore Slots

If you want to play a slot game that doesn't look like most of the others you'll find online, we think this game might be the one you're looking for. Dr Winmore is a cool title, as we certainly like the idea of winning more… even though no prizes are ever guaranteed in these games. We'll take you through the game's features here, as we learn more about the starring man in this show.

Who thought of this idea?

The Realtime Gaming team are behind the Dr Winmore game, so that alone should make you feel like this title has some promise.

You can play it using their demo coins to begin with

The game includes these in the practice version, so while you can't receive any real prizes there, you can receive all the facts about the game and how it works.

How about some theme details for this game?

This isn't the sort of doctor you'd visit if you were feeling ill. Instead, Dr Winmore looks like he is a scientist. There are plenty of test tubes and flasks on these reels, and the mad scientist vibe is certainly there too.

What's the design like in Dr Winmore slots?

They've gone for an unusual background with purple colors swirling around, so there isn't much more we can say about that. The reels take your attention though, for reasons we'll explain in a second, but also because there are lightbulbs, flasks, and various liquids all over the place.

Shall we play the Dr Winmore slot game?

This is bigger than you may have thought, offering a 5 x 5 format to get to grips with. It doesn't include any progressive prizes, but there are some varied prize amounts listed in the paytable.

Dr Winmore comes into play as a substitute, replacing most normal icons that can appear in this game. He won't stand in for the four robots that might show up though. We'll explain what those do shortly.

There are no paylines to play on here

You play on a cluster pays idea instead. Four or more identical symbols will trigger the relevant prize.

How cheap is the lowest bet amount for Dr Winmore slots?

The cheapest bet is 10 cents for a spin, which we think is good considering you've got a 5 x 5 grid with cluster pays. There are higher amounts if you'd rather play with more, but make sure you don't forget your budget if you do this.

Paytable details for the game

This is the section you need to read before you take your first spin on these reels. All the rules are explained and listed, with the prize amounts there too.

Bonus features in Dr Winmore

Firstly, the game includes exploding icons. If you find a prize, those icons explode, disappear, and allow the ones above to drop into their places. The grid then fills from above. The base multiplier for the slot is 1x, but if you manage an explosion, it rises to 2x. Get a string of prizes from the exploding feature and you could go as high as 6x.

We should also mention those robots - four of them - that could appear while you play. Each one is colored differently and will clear certain icons sitting close by. This could mean those on the same row or in the same column or even both those elements. The fourth one takes out all the icons sitting around it. You then get a new crop of symbols in those places, to see whether you can create a prize.

What about scoring some free spins?

Unfortunately, this won't happen as they are not included in this game.

We have no RTP information to share

You might not have expected any given that the game comes from RTG.

What do we think of this doctor?

This is a cool cluster pays slot that will appeal to anyone looking for something different to play. We're ranking it as a 7.5 out of 10 slot, given the multipliers, robots, and varied elements in action.

Score up to 500x your wager in one prize

The blue circle is the best paying symbol in this game. You'll need eight to get the top prize, but if you manage it, there is 500x your bet waiting on the other side.

The practice version helps you work out the game

Dr Winmore isn't hard to get the hang of, but the robots do provide a different take on things. Once you've had some demo spins of these reels, you can get a better idea of how the game works and whether you want to switch to the real thing.

Remember the minimum spin bet if you choose to play for real

Ten cents per go isn't bad considering this is a cluster pays slot. You'd get 10 spins from a dollar, so you can use that idea to work out whether it fits your preferences.

Meet Dr Winmore on a mobile device too

Android fans can join Apple fans in playing this game on a tablet or smartphone. The graphics are sharp enough to look appealing on these devices as well.