Light Speed Slots

Speed is something we can all understand, but Light Speed sounds quick, right? We discovered the Light Speed slot game recently and decided to explore it in detail. The result is this slot game review, so if you have ever wondered what this one is all about, you can find all the answers you need right here.

Which developer created the game?

This is an older title coming from the annals of Realtime Gaming (RTG).

You can play a demo version first if you wish

This developer knows that trying a game without risk is an important way of working out whether you'd like to play the real thing. That's why they always provide you with a demo alternative, as they have done once more here.

Theme information for the Light Speed slot game

If traveling at the speed of light makes you think of space, well done… that's where you're headed for this game. Think of space and aliens too, as you might see one of those cropping up occasionally.

What's the design like?

There are lots of things about this slot that we could call classic. When you load it, you'll be greeted with a true one-armed bandit machine. You might be able to guess a few of the other elements you'll see when you play, and we'll cover these below.

What should you expect from the Light Speed slot game?

This is a three-reel game, fitting neatly inside that one-armed bandit machine design. There is a progressive jackpot prize available above the reels.

A robot appears as the substitute, which is useful for subbing all other symbols except for the Light Speed one. We'll come to some more details about why that's the case a little later in our review.

Paylines in Light Speed

There is only one line here, so that keeps things simple.

Choosing a wager to play on the game

The slot includes one coin only to play with - a quarter. You can choose one, two, or three coins on each spin, so you can play up to 75 cents per go if you like. That's the only choice you've got though.

Paytable details for Light Speed slots

The paytable is at the top of your screen when you load this slot. There are three columns of prizes, relating to how many coins you decide to play on the game.

Bonus features in this game

There is one, and it involves the Light Speed Meter. You can only begin watching this if you bet the full 75 cents on each spin, otherwise it won't come into play. It starts with a value of 1x. Finding a Light Speed icon on the reels will take the multiplier up by 1x each time. If you find a prize on the reels, it will be multiplied by the current Light Speed multiplier shown. This will then revert to 1x and begin again.

Free spins do not appear in this game

There are no scatters, so it makes sense there'd be no free spins either.

RTP info is not provided

This is usually the case for slots from this developer.

What did we think of the Light Speed game?

We think this scores seven points out of 10, as there is the Light Speed Meter to note for people playing with the maximum bet. If you don't do that, you're going to play a standard three-reel slot with a wild.

What's the trigger for the progressive jackpot?

The trick here is to reach the 7x maximum multiplier on the Light Speed Meter. You also need to get three ray guns on the single line at the same time. That's a tricky ask, and you should remember that the only players who stand a chance of doing this are those playing the maximum bet per spin.

Practice play is the perfect introduction

Light Speed is a standard three-reel game with a couple of twists. However, since those twists are only for maximum bettors, you may find you're not keen on the title. The good news is that you can safely see what you make of it by loading the demo first.

Real play is another possibility to consider

Light Speed will get the attention of some players, we're sure, and it should appear as a real title at several online casinos.

Watch for a chance of mobile play

We couldn't find this at mobile casinos, probably because of its age. We do know the developer has revamped some older titles to work on mobile devices too though, so stay tuned in case that happens with this one as well.