Fat Cat Cafe Slots

We've heard of cafes that have cats as residents - they certainly offer a twist on the usual café welcome you might expect to get there. So, the Fat Cat Café is open for business in this game, and it's about time we figured out what it is all about. Fancy a coffee while we explore?

Who created the café?

This is another game from the popular developers known as Realtime Gaming. RTG has rebranded in some areas though, going by the name Spin Logic Gaming. So, whichever name you see, you'll know you're looking at the same game.

What about finding a demo to play?

You can do this as the creators always find room to provide this alternative to loading the real game.

Do you need more theme details?

This is about a café, as you can guess, and since cats are name-checked in the title too, you can guess you're going to see quite a few of those around as well.

Design features in the Fat Cat Café slot game

This looks like a cool café to visit, although the background is nonexistent. This focuses your attention on the reels, so you can expect to see a range of cats and other icons there.

Fat Cat Café: Reels, icons, and more to begin with

This is a five-reel game, but don't expect the usual three symbols per reel here. Instead, you're going to get five per reel, so it makes for a sizable slot to play. It doesn't provide room for any progressive jackpot prizes.

You might expect some coffee to turn up in a café, and a cup of coffee features as the wild symbol. It substitutes for several other items that might appear. However, it will not replace any of the cats you might come across on the reels of this game.

What about paylines?

The game doesn't feature any of these - something you might have worked out given that the game measures 5 x 5. This means you must find matching clusters of symbols, with four or more required to touch vertically or horizontally to count for a prize.

This doesn't count as a penny slot

Far from it, in fact. The game has a $2 minimum bet to play the real version, as you'll discover when you try the demo. You can tell this one is intended for the high rollers when you find the top bet is $3,000. We cannot think of anything bigger than that.

Check out the paytable for this one first

There are some different elements in action here, so it makes sense for you to work out which ones you should look for when you play. The paytable does reveal everything you need to know.

There is a Multiplier Donut bonus involved

You might know how this works, if not the name. Whenever you find a prize combo, the winning symbols are removed, and the ones above drop into those spots. New symbols fill the gaps to see whether more prizes will appear. When this occurs, a chunk is taken out of the donut. This starts on 1x, but if you manage to get some prizes from the cascading feature, the multiplier increases. The donut can show up to 6x in multipliers.

The cats in the game can be useful too. There are several of them and each one can remove other icons on the reels according to the pattern allocated to that cat. You can then see whether that removal results in one or more prizes for you.

Free spins won't be part of the game

Sadly, there is no chance of getting any of these - you might have figured this out as there are no scatters to trigger them. However, if you get two or more wins in a row with the Multiplier Donut and cascading feature involved, you can see you might benefit from those.

Fat Cat Café RTP information

Look for this detail at the casino, as it does not appear within the game.

Our rating: Is this a café we're keen to visit?

The game is promising if you fancy something different to play. However, it does require a bigger bet, so for some, this might remain as a demo game to pass the time. It's a good 8/10 game for those who have the budget to stretch to it though.

What is the top prize worth?

Fat Cat Café can produce a single prize worth 3,000x your bet. We suspect this might come from the 6x multiplier donut element if you can reach it.

Many players will stick with the practice game

It's cool to play for sure, but the minimum spin wager will keep this firmly in demo territory for many players.

Your budget is vital to check before you play the real thing

Remember to check this carefully and only bet what you can comfortably afford to lose. High rollers are the audience for this one.

Available on mobile devices too

If you're keen to visit a mobile casino, you can play the Fat Cat Café slot game on an Android device, on an iPad, or an iPhone too.