Outta This World Slots

If you call something out of this world, you're saying that it is incredible, amazing, and any one of a series of other similar terms. It might also link to an outer space theme here though, as we're looking at a slot game to play. So, it's time to find out the facts about the Outta This World slot, to see how close we've gotten to an answer.

Who came up with the slot game?

Outta This World is a slot produced by RTG, or Realtime Gaming as they're formally known. They also present themselves as Spin Logic Gaming in some parts of the world now.

Does this slot come with a demo version?

It does, yes, so you need not worry about playing for real until you have taken that version of the game for a practice spin. Plenty of demo coins have been provided for this purpose.

Theme details for the slot game

It doesn't take long to spot an alien in action during the game, so it seems we were correct about the outer space theme. The backdrop to the game provides you with a chance to settle into the theme early as well.

The design helps the theme land

Expect to meet the alien and the spaceship he travels in as you play the game. There are standard symbols linked to the cheaper prizes, but they've been given a makeover to provide a link to the theme as well. It's not the most complex of designs, but it does enough to support the theme.

Are you ready to see what's happening in Outta This World slots?

This is a five-reel game, and you can spot a random jackpot appearing above the reels as well, just as you'll see in plenty of their other games too. The alien comes into play as a wild symbol, landing on reels one, three, and five. He can expand to fill his reel if this creates other prize combinations, so if you see that happen, you know there's a chance of winning something else.

The scatter is a pink hole. Yes, a pink one. It's an odd choice, especially as we doubt you've ever heard of a pink hole before. Black holes, sure… but there is a pink one here used as the scatter, so we'll leave you to ponder that as we progress through our review.

Paylines to bet on in this slot game

The game gives you 20 lines to bet on, so bear that in mind when you're considering how much to bet on each one.

Let's look more closely at the bets

Outta This World offers coin values from one penny apiece to five dollars apiece. You can then work out how much it would cost to spin the reels covering all 20 lines. You have a 20-cent minimum for the game.

Paytable details to check out first

If this is your first time checking out the Outta This World slot game, make sure you start with the paytable. There's nothing too involved in this slot but reading through the rules first is the smartest idea.

What about a bonus round?

There is no separate bonus for this slot game, although there is a feature that can take you into the free games, so we'll come to that part next.

Free spins and how to trigger them

Can you land one of those pink holes on reels two and four? If you do, a selection of planets will appear. Each planet hides one of three things - some free spins, a cash prize, or an alien. You'll want to avoid the alien because he's not helpful. He'll take you back to the main part of the game, so you could leave empty handed if you don't pick something else first.

Let's look at the other two things you might uncover though. A planet that reveals a cash prize will award that at the end of the round, along with any others you might uncover. If you get some free games, there are five hidden in each case. Pick two planets with free games on offer and you'll get 10 to play. If you then find the alien, you'll get your cash prizes plus any spins and go on to play those.

We have no clue to the RTP value

This is common enough with this developer, as they do not add the return to player percentage to the paytable.

So, here's the question - is the slot game Outta This World to play?

They've certainly given it a title that provides a lot to live up to, but we think the game is an excellent one to play. It's been around for a while, so you need to consider that before you play it. You won't see modern graphics in this one. That said, it offers a good range of features that make it promising to play. We are ranking this at 7.5 out of 10.

Watch out for that random jackpot

The random nature of this game means that it will have a random and unknown trigger. There is little chance of seeing it drop while you're playing, but of course there is a slight chance for anyone to receive it. Aside from that prize, the biggest fixed prize available reaches 7,500x your bet, so that's another promising element to look at.

Start with the demo game

This gives you the opportunity to work out whether you like Outta This World enough to play the real version.

Will you switch over to play for real?

Once you've had a few demo spins and gotten a hang of the game, you'll know whether you'd like to change over to the real game to play that instead.

Mobile action in Outta This World

You can even venture forth on smartphones or tablets to play this one. Good news if you're an Android or iOS user.