Ocean Dreams Slots

Setting sail on the high seas happens more often than you'd think in the world of online slot games. It's not unusual to find yourself in the shallows either, sometimes on or near a beach. So, what kind of Ocean Dreams might we encounter in the slot bearing that name?

We wanted to answer that question, so if you've heard of this slot but you've yet to play it, hang around and read our review before you do anything else. It could be the ideal move to make.

Which game studio is in action here?

This is an earlier game produced by Realtime Gaming.

It still offers the classic practice version for you to try first

This is reassuring because you can't tell what you'll make of a slot until you try it. By accessing the demo version, you can see what's involved and figure out whether to play Ocean Dreams with real bets.

Is this an ocean-going theme?

Yes, and you knew that would be the case, right? There's not much else to say about the theme in this case.

Check out the design of the game too

We have a sunset behind the reels, with a hint of a beach surrounded by palm trees. The ocean mentioned in the title takes up the minimal space around the reels too.

Reels, icons, and other basics in the Ocean Dreams slot

The game offers five reels and three symbols on each of those. The screen also displays two progressive prizes, situated above the reels. You can check those out even though the odds are long that you'll get one of them - or even see one drop while you're playing.

Onto some of the other elements now, such as the wild… or should we say the two wilds? Yes, there are two here, with an orca acting as the regular one. She appears on every reel and can pay out alone along with appearing in winning lines with other icons. She won't replace the island, which is the scatter, and she doesn't sub for the other wild either. This is a gold orca, and you will only find this on the middle reel. If you get this as part of a prize, expect a 2x multiplier to appear as well.

How many paylines will you get in Ocean Dreams?

Expect a familiar set of lines in this case - 25 of them.

How much can you bet on the slot game?

You'll be able to try this as a penny slot if you like, which means you'd bet a quarter per spin. Other coin values appear too, with the largest of those being $5.

Check out the info provided in the paytable

We hope you're getting plenty out of our review, but you should also check the paytable for the game. You'll see the prize values, which include the potential offered if they include a gold orca with its multiplier.

Bonus features to look out for

We can keep this bit short because there are no bonuses in this game.

Can you score any free spins to play in Ocean Dreams?

The island scatter symbol is the one to watch for to gain access to this round. Three islands bring you 10 free games. Finding four produces 25 games, so that's even better. If you can land five islands, expect to get 100 free games to play, which would obviously be the best outcome.

That's not all though. The regular orca that appears on all five reels will always change to a gold orca with the 2x multiplier in these games. You'll also get double-value prizes throughout, so if you land a prize including a gold orca, you can see it would be worth far more than usual.

RTP information for Ocean Dreams

This slot does not display the return to player percentage anywhere, as you might have guessed if you know anything about this developer. We'd advise you to see if the casino presents you with this detail.

What's our rating for this game?

Wilds and scatters are a familiar sight in lots of slots, but how many of them feature two wilds? This makes Ocean Dreams a superb one to check out, especially if you like basic games with a couple of twists. We're going to give it 8 out of 10, especially as there is a chance to net lots of free games if you can get enough scatters to make it happen.

There are random triggers for those progressive prizes

This means you don't need to chase a specific combination of symbols on the reels. If it drops following a paid spin, you'll have time to celebrate, we're sure. Just play the game as usual and hope for the best. That's what we do - and we're still hoping.

Practice play for the Ocean Dreams slot game

If you're new to this game, make sure you load the demo first. You'll find it comes with practice coins, so while you can't receive any real prizes, you can see what it's like to play this game.

Will you change to the real version?

You'll soon know once you've tried it for a while, right?

What about mobile gaming?

This is an older title, but many slots from this source have been updated to allow for modern mobile devices on Android and iOS. So, watch out and see.