Jackpot Sevens Slots

Jackpot Sevens Slots

The Jackpot Sevens is a fun and exciting new game that gives players a glimpse into what the future of slot machines might look like. The majority of the paytable is made up of juicy fruits, such as the strawberry and the melon. Expect big wins from the orange, lemon, and plum.

If you're a fan of bonus features, then you'll love Jackpot Sevens. There are two types of jackpots that are available: the Lucky 7s and the Diamond Scatters. Although the main feature of the game is the big jackpots, it also has other games that are designed to enhance the experience.

Theme & Design

Since it's based on the fruit-themed slot machine formula, NetGame Entertainment has taken it to a modern level. The result is a sleek and modern game that keeps the fun of its predecessors while introducing a new aesthetic.

The first thing that you'll notice about Jackpot Sevens is its minimalistic design. It features no reels and the symbols are suspended against a background that's cracked. However, it does have various features that are designed to enhance the experience. One of these is the light darting, which can shine through the cracks in the wall.

The fruits also have a 3D effect and are glowing with a gold outline. The game's action is accompanied by a modern techno beat that's designed to bring a touch of excitement to the experience. It's rare for us to find a single flaw in the design of a slot machine.


There's a huge selection of bonus features that are available in Jackpot Sevens. These are designed to enhance the experience and provide players with a great gaming experience.

Free Spins

Three or more scatters can trigger 15 free spins, and they can stay on the reels throughout the game. These are not bad considering how much they're worth.

Scatter Jackpot

The Scatter symbol can bring you an impressive x800, but it's also the key to winning the free spins feature. In order to win the free spins, you'll need to complete the round with 15 scatter symbols in position. This is a tall order, but if you manage to do it, you can expect to win a massive x100,000.

Lucky 7s Jackpot

The Lucky 7s is a bigger prize than the scatters, and it can offer you a staggering x200,000 if you manage to land 5,800. Even with this amount, it's unlikely that you'll be able to win that much.

Star Boost

During the free spins round, the small star symbols can appear on the reels. If you land 5 on a row, then you can receive additional spins, or a bonus round.