Football Fortunes Slots

Football Fortunes Slots

We all know footballers get paid a lot of money for what they do, so is that the idea behind the Football Fortunes slot title? As you might guess, there is a lot more involved here than first glance would suggest. It means we need to dig deep into the features in this game to see what's going on.

Who's behind the Football Fortunes slot?

Realtime Gaming became Spin Logic Gaming, so you might see either name attached to this one as they complete the change. In both cases, we're talking about an impressive developer though.

Demo access is provided

If you're not sure whether to play this game for real just yet, don't worry. Just load the demo and you can try it for a while with the demo coins included.

There are no surprises with this theme

It's all about football, as you guessed it might be.

Learning more about the game design

The design is an excellent one that provides you with some neat elements as you play. It certainly pulls you into the action.

Football Fortunes: Reels, icons, and more details

This is a five-reel title, but it comes with four icons per reel rather than three. There is a wild football involved, but it doesn't land everywhere - only on the first and fifth reels. This comes with a 2x multiplier.

The scatter is a rhino, and this is so strange we can only guess it is a mascot. It also links to one of the game's formats - yep, you can choose from two formats to play the game in. Rhino mode is the first one, with Fortune mode coming in as the second option. Each format includes a different free spin feature.

Oh, and before we forget, there are two progressive jackpots available as well.

How many paylines can you wager on in Football Fortunes?

The game offers 50 lines, so you need to think about whether you'd like to play over that many.

This also plays into the bet sizes

The game uses coins worth between one penny and 50 cents each. With 50 lines to play on, you're looking at a minimum of 50 cents on a spin.

Does the game offers an informative paytable?

Yes, it does - it provides you with a chance to go through the various game features before you do anything else. You'll certainly find it good to read before loading the practice version of the game.

You might feel the bonus round is familiar

Yes, it's the penalty kick bonus once more. This appears to be the only bonus a football-themed slot uses, but we do understand why. You cannot reach it from the base game though, only from the free spin feature. Once you're playing those spins, you need to look for five bonus footballs - one per reel - to trigger this bonus round.

The idea is to get as many goals as you can with the footballs you're given. This gives you a chance to see how good your eventual prize might be.

Two ways to reach the free spins

Football Fortunes has two modes, as we learned earlier. The Rhino mode requires three, four, or five of the rhino scatter symbols to appear in a spin to earn those free spins. This will give you up to 100 spins to play, depending on how many scatters you find. The multiplier for prizes won during your spins is 3x.

If you chose Fortune mode, there is a random trigger for your free games. In this case, you'd receive eight. So, it appears that Rhino mode is the better one to use, depending on how often you might trigger the round.

RTP information is not included

The game doesn't provide this information, following in the footsteps of all other games from the developer.

Our rating: Is this a footballing winner?

Football Fortunes won't appeal to non-footballing fans, but those who do love the game should find plenty to entertain them here. We believe the variation of features and play modes give this game nine points out of 10.

How do you snag a progressive jackpot?

It looks like they've gone for the usual random trigger, so it's anyone's guess as to how or when the next progressive prize will drop.

Demo play allows you to try both modes first

Will it be Rhino or Fortune mode for you? Try each one and see what you make of them, although we guess it is easier to see which free spin round has the most potential.

Will this be a real game you'd like to play?

After a stint on the demo game, you can see whether you'd like to move on and play the real version instead.

You can also play on tablet or smartphone

The game offers a superb range of features, and it looks just as good if you play on a mobile device on Android or iOS.